Built for professionals, the MC Pro is an upgraded RGBWW lensed mini LED panel light featuring LumenRadio CRMX and a durable IP65 construction. Based on the original Aputure MC, the MC Pro features a similar compact, credit card-sized form factor while packing in a comprehensive suite of professional functionalities.


Whether you need a quick eye lightfill light, or a light that can be hidden in the scene, the MC Pro is the perfect tool for the job. Following the same mini philosophy as other M-series lights, the MC Pro features the same pocketable form factor that is fast, convenient to use, and always at your fingertips – while packing in features designed for the pros.


Built with a custom optical design that features a tighter 45º beam angle to balance quality and output, the MC Pro creates a sharper and more focused spot for cinematographers and gaffers who require the extra punch. With the ability to output 1,585 lux at 0.5m at 5,600K, the MC Pro is 4 times brighter than the original MC.


Modify the softness or direction of the MC Pro in less than a second by stacking multiple lighting accessories together or separately using the magnetic accessory mount. Whether using the included Flat Diffuser, the Dome Diffuser, the 30º Light Control Grid, or the Bubble Diffuser* for eyelights and soft ambient spreads, the MC Pro is a quick multi-functional lighting solution that is ready-to-go whenever you need it.

* MC Pro Bubble Diffuser sold separately.


For cinematographers and gaffers working in even the most demanding filming environments, the MC Pro’s all-aluminum build and enhanced durability and IP65 rating means it is dust and water-resistant, and can be used in the same scene as professional fixtures like the LS 1200d Pro in the toughest weather conditions – without worrying about performance or reliability.


In addition to Sidus Link app controls, the MC Pro brings industry-standard LumenRadio CRMX wireless control to existing workflows, allowing industry professionals, cinematographers, and lighting technicians to control the MC Pro from a distance. For more permanent setups and stable connections, the MC Pro can also be controlled over wired DMX using the wired Aputure Active USB-C to 5-Pin DMX Adapter* (sold separately).


The MC Pro packs the same RGBWW chipset as the Nova P600c into its compact frame, with an expanded 2,000K-10,000K CCT range, while maintaining Aputure’s benchmark for high quality color reproduction with CRI and TLCI scores of 96SSI (D56) of 72, and SSI (Tungsten) of 82. The mini light panel also grants access to an array of advanced color modes, including HSI with white point CCT control300+ gel presets15-built in System FX, and xy control.


For the perfect quick and portable accent light, mount the MC Pro onto the hot-shoe of a camera, tripod, or light stand using the included cold shoe ball head with magnetic 1/4-20in adapter on the 1/4-20in screw mount and reposition in any orientation you may need. And to hide the mini light in hard-to-reach areas, its integrated neodymium magnets and adhesive magnetic plates makes the MC Pro shine as a mini light that can be placed and operated virtually anywhere.


With its built-in rechargeable 15.5Wh battery, the MC Pro is ready to tackle any production challenge with its 2 hour battery life at max output – making it always at your fingertips for a quick fill light or light that can be hidden in the scene. And by charging the LED panel with the included USB-C cable at 5V/2A, your MC Pro will be ready to roll again in just 90 minutes.


Designed for cinematographers and gaffers, the MC Pro 8-Light Kit* expands the flexibility of the MC Pros with not only 8x the number of fixtures, but additional sets of magnetized modifiers and mounting accessories to meet the highest of demands. Store and charge 8 MC Pro’s using its integrated contact pins for a seamless charging workflow and ensure you are always ready-to-go.

*MC Pro 8-Light Kit sold separately.


CCT2,000K - 10,000K
SSI (D56)72
SSI (Tungsten)82
TM-30 RF (Average)94
TM-30 RG (Average)103
Max Power Output5W
Max Power Consumption7W
Lumens563 lm
Max Operating Current0.84A
Operating Voltage3.0-4.2V
Charging InputUSB Type-C (5V/2A), Contact Charger
Lithium-Polymer Battery4,200mAh / 3.7-4.2V, 15.5Wh
Battery LifeApprox. 120 Mins @ Max Output
Charge TimeApprox. 90 Mins (5V/2A)
IP RatingIP65
Operating Temeprature-20ºC~45ºC / -68ºF~113ºF
Control MethodsOn-board,Sidus Link App, DMX/RDM, LumenRadio CRMX
Wireless Range (Bluetooth)≤80m / ≤262ft
Wireless Range (LumenRadio)≤100m / ≤328ft
Screen TypeTFT
Firmware UpgradeableSidus Link
Cooling MethodPassive Cooling
Dimensions10.8 x 7.0 x 2.5cm / 4.25 x 2.76 x 0.98in
Weight247g / 0.54 lbs
1x MC Pro
1x MC Pro Flat Diffuser
1x MC Pro Dome Diffuser
1x MC Pro 30º Light Control Grid
1x Cold Shoe Ball Head
1x 1/4-20in Screw to Magnetic Plate Adapter
1x USB Type-C Charging Cable
4x Adhesive Magnetic Plate
1x Carrying Case
CCTDistanceBare BulbDome DiffuserFlat Diffuser30º GridBubble Diffuser*
2,000K0.5m1,027 lux / 95 fc253 lux / 24 fc463 lux / 43 fc838 lux / 78 fc194 lux / 18 fc
1m257 lux / 24 fc63 lux / 6 fc116 lux / 11 fc210 lux / 20 fc49 lux / 5 fc
2,700K0.5m1,244 lux / 116 fc297 lux / 28 fc543 lux / 50 fc1,014 lux / 94 fc226 lux / 21 fc
1m311 lux / 29 fc74 lux / 7 fc136 lux / 13 fc254 lux / 24 fc57 lux / 5 fc
3,200K0.5m1,459 lux / 136 fc344 lux / 32 fc628 lux / 58 fc1,183 lux / 110 fc262 lux / 24 fc
1m365 lux / 34 fc86 lux / 8 fc157 lux / 15 fc296 lux / 27 fc66 lux / 6 fc
4,300K0.5m1,597 lux / 148 fc384 lux / 36 fc696 lux / 65 fc1,314 lux / 122 fc291 lux / 27 fc
1m399 lux / 37 fc96 lux / 9 fc174 lu / 16 fc328 lux / 30 fc73 lux / 7 fc
5,600K0.5m1,585 lux / 147 fc392 lux / 36 fc706 lux / 66 fc1,322 lux / 123 fc297 lux / 28 fc
1m396 lux / 37 fc98 lux / 9 fc177 lux / 16 fc331 lux / 31 fc74 lux / 7 fc
6,500K0.5m1,559 lux / 145 fc390 lux / 36 fc697 lux / 65 fc1,304 lux / 121 fc295 lux / 27 fc
1m390 lux / 36 fc98 lux / 9 fc174 lux / 16 fc326 lux / 30 fc74 lux / 7 fc
7,500K0.5m1,558 lux / 145 fc385 lux / 36 fc693 lux / 64 fc1,296 lux / 120 fc291 lux / 27 fc
1m390 lux / 36 fc96 lux / 9 fc173 lux / 16 fc324 lux / 30 fc73 lux / 7 fc
10,000K0.5m1,492 lux / 139 fc381 lux / 35 fc670 lux / 62 fc1,243 lux / 115 fc283 lux / 26 fc
1m373 lux / 35 fc95 lux / 9 fc168 lux / 16 fc311 lux / 29 fc71 lux / 7 fc
Red0.5m442 lux / 41 fc175 lux / 16 fc295 lux / 27 fc366 lux / 34 fc146 lux / 14 fc
1m110 lux / 10 fc44 lux / 4 fc74 lux / 7 fc92 lux / 9 fc37 lux / 3 fc
Green0.5m849 lux / 79 fc329 lux / 31 fc570 lux / 53 fc716 lux / 67 fc279 lux / 26 fc
1m212 lux / 20 fc82 lux / 8 fc143 lux / 13 fc179 lux / 17 fc70 lux / 7 fc
Blue0.5m143 lux / 13 fc63 lux / 6 fc101 lux / 9 fc121 lux / 11 fc56 lux / 5 fc
1m36 lux / 3 fc16 lux / 1 fc25 lux / 2 fc30 lux / 3 fc14 lux / 1 fc