The amaran PT4c is a 4-foot battery-powered pixel tube for creators and filmmakers. As amaran’s first-ever pixelated tube light, it features multiple pixelsRGBWW color qualitySidus Link app control, and no-hassle mounting solutions, allowing you to unleash new creative possibilities.


The PT4c shines as an effects, fill, eye light, and so much more. Whether used for practical lighting backgrounds, producing unique lighting effects for long-exposure photography, creating linear reflections over intricate sets for product cinematography, or adding visual interest to stylized music videos and commercials, the PT4c grants you the freedom to get creative and bring your lighting designs to life.


With 16 lighting zones that can be independently controlled, the PT4c’s pixel capabilities introduce new and exciting avenues to the amaran family and outshine other lights with a new layer of effects. Use its 7 pre-programmed Pixel FX to create some truly unique and dynamic pixelated effects across its multiple pixels and take your creations to the next level.


amaran consistently delivers stellar color quality with its RGBWW LED chipset, and the Pixel Tubes are no different. Adjust the hue, saturation, and intensity of your pixel light with white point CCT tunability from 2,700K to 10,000K with full plus/minus green controls. And with a CRI of 95TLCI of 98, and Tungsten SSI of 85, you can be sure that the Pixel Tubes will elevate your productions with accurate colors.


The PT4c is powered by a 77Wh internal Lithium-ion battery for up to 170 minutes of run time, and can be charged via USB-C or even fast charge at 32W with PD Quick Charging, reaching its full capacity in approximately 3 hours. The integrated batteries can improve your workflow on-set by granting you the flexibility of placing or hiding the LED Pixel Tubes virtually anywhere.


For enhanced versatility, the PT4c is equipped with a 5-sided end cap design, allowing the pixelated light to be positioned at 5 different angles, from  to 45º90º135º, and 180º of rotation. And when attaching the included magnetic T12 brackets or 3/8-16in eye bolt, creating interesting visuals and set pieces have never been easier.


With the power of the Sidus Link Bluetooth app, you can control all of your Aputure and amaran lights in a scene, activate stunning lighting effects, and ensure that the Pixel Tubes are always up to date. For more advanced console controls, the new amaran USB-C to DMX Adapter* unlocks DMX control while simultaneously charging your pixelated tube light, making your workflow even more efficient and seamless.

* amaran Type-C to DMX Adapter with Type-C Input sold separately.


For creators who want an extra touch of lighting control and to eliminate spill from the PT4c, you can attach a collapsible 45º light control grid* via hook-and-loop straps to hone the quality of the light to perfection. The Pixel Tubes can also be left bare with its wide 180° beam angle, giving you more coverage in your shot design.

* 45º Fabric Light Control Grid for amaran PT4c sold separately.


For filmmakers looking for more lights for in-camera practicals, symmetrical lighting for one or multiple subjects, and twice the output of a standalone fixture, the PT4c 2-Light Production Kit unlocks even more possibilities to enhance your frame, coming fully equipped with additional accessories for all your creative needs.


2,700K867 lux / 81 fc303 lux / 28 fc
3,200K868 lux / 81 fc306 lux / 28 fc
4,300K897 lux / 83 fc316 lux / 29 fc
5,600K956 lux / 89 fc332 lux / 31 fc
6,500K955 lux / 89 fc330 lux / 31 fc
7,500K902 lux / 84 fc322 lux / 30 fc
10,000K842 lux / 78 fc297 lux / 28 fc
Red516 lux / 48 fc191 lux / 18 fc
Green768 lux / 71 fc275 lux / 26 fc
Blue172 lux / 16 fc61 lux / 6 fc
CCT2,700K - 10,000K
CRI (@5,600K)95
TLCI (@5,600K)98
CQS (@5,600K)96
SSI (D56)75
SSI (Tungsten)85
TM-30 RF (@5,600K)92
TM-30 RG (@5,600K)100
Max Power Output23W
Max Power Draw32W
Pixel Mapping16 Pixels
Beam Angle180º
Charging InputUSB Type-C PD 32W
Power Supply (Voltage)USB PD 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V
Power Supply (Cable Length)1.8m / 70.86in
Battery Voltage14.8V
Battery Capacity5200mAh, 77Wh
Battery RuntimeApprox. 170 Mins @ 100% Input
Approx. 228 Mins @ 75% Input
Approx. 321 Mins @ 50% Output
Approx. 776 Mins @ 10% Output
Charge TimeApprox. 190 Mins (5V/2A)
Operating Temperature-10ºC ~ 40ºC / 14ºF ~ 104ºF
Control MethodsOn-board, Sidus Link App, DMX via USB Type-C (Sold Separately)
Firmware UpgradeableSidus Link
Wireless Operating Range (Bluetooth)≤80m / ≤262.5ft
Screen TypeTFT
IP RatingIP20
CoolIng MethodPassive Cooling
Fixtureφ42 x 1,200mm / φ1.65 x 47.24in
Magnetic T12 Bracket54 x 46 x 42mm / 2.12 x 1.81 x 1.65in
Power Adapter58 x 58 x 29mm / 2.28 x 2.28 x 1.14in
Eyebolt36 x 20 x 40mm / 1.42 x 0.79 x 1.57in
Carrying Case1250 x 110 x 100mm / 49.21 x 4.33 x 3.94in
Fixture1.375kg / 3.03lbs
Magnetic T12 Bracket54g / 0.12lbs
Power Adapter185g / 0.41lbs
Eyebolt41g / 0.09lbs
Total with Case2.629kg / 5.79lbs
amaran PT4c1
45W Power Adapter with USB-C PD Power Cable (1.8m)1
Magnetic T12 Bracket2
3/8-16in Eyebolt1
Carrying Case1