The Light Storm 1200d Pro is the flagship Light Storm product and the brightest fixture in the Aputure and Light Storm lineup. It utilizes a 1200W Daylight COB chipset to compete on the same level as industry-standard HMI Lights, with a staggering 83,100+ lux output at 3 meters with the Hyper Reflector (Narrow).


The LS 1200d Pro is the first and only Bowens Mount LED on the market with a 1200W COB, making it the highest output LED fixture compatible with Bowens Mount modifiers like Aputure Light Dome soft boxes and Lanterns. The LS 1200d Pro can also be accompanied by Bowens Mount soft boxes made by manufacturers such as DoPchoice and Chimera Lighting.


To adapt the output and beam angle of the Light Storm 1200d Pro to your shooting scenario, the 1200d Pro kit includes 3 different Hyper Reflectors optimized for the size of it’s COB.


The LS 1200d Pro joins the Light Storm Pro series, featuring an IP54 weather-resistant design. Using waterproof fans, sealed internal structures, rubber caps for all ports, and weatherproof connectors, the LS 1200d Pro can withstand challenging inclement weather environments.


As a professional Light Storm series fixture the 1200d Pro features enhanced, stepless dimming, as well as light control in 0.1% increments, ensuring that you get the exact amount of light that you need.


Designed for professional lighting technicians, the Light Storm 1200d Pro integrates sACN and Art-net via a durable etherCON connector, as well as wireless Lumenradio CRMX, in addition to its responsive on-board controls, DMX512 5-Pin XLR In and Out, and Sidus Link® app compatibility, to seamlessly integrate into existing lighting workflows.


Sidus Mesh integration allows users to control the 1200d Pro from nearly any smartphone or tablet with the Sidus Link mobile app up to 400 meters away with the addition of other fixtures, including the Aputure LS 600d Pro, LS 600x Pro, Accent B7c, MC, and Nova P600c.


With exceptional color accuracy measurements of CRI ≥96, TLCI ≥98, CQS≥95, and SSI (D56) ≥73, the 1200d Pro provides consistently accurate light quality for all filmmakers.


As the flagship Light Storm product, the LS 1200d Pro also features a new control box design. The new control box has DMX512 In and Out ports, an industry-standard etherCON connector, two 48V/15A 3-pin XLR Inputs, and an AC Input that are all housed on the side of the fixture in an orientation that maximizes flexibility while minimizing damage. This allows the control box to be positioned upright on its feet, so it can be set down on set seamlessly. The control box also features two Lightning Clamps for different orientations on your light stand.


As a 1200W COB LED with a maximum power draw of 1440W, the Light Storm 1200d Pro is high-powered fixture that can compete on the same level as HMIs, while still featuring the ability to be operated using DC battery solutions. The 1200d Pro’s control box has two 48V/15A (720W) DC Inputs. Providing power to one input will operate the 1200d Pro at half power, and providing sufficient power to both inputs will operate the fixture at full output. With its 1440W maximum power draw, the LS 1200d Pro can also easily be powered using a Honda 2000W generator compared to comparable HMIs that might overload the system.


The LS 1200d Pro can utilize 8 different built-in light effects: “Paparazzi”, “Fireworks”, “Lightning”, “Faulty Bulb”, “TV”, “Pulsing”, “Strobe”, and “Explosion”. The LS 1200d Pro also has the potential to expand further into the SidusPro FX ecosystem.


The LS 1200d Pro features a detailed LCD screen interface that, including a revamped professional UI that displays important information in an intuitive way, including easy-to-read intensity and color information.


Housing the 1200d Pro’s lamp head, redesigned control box, and 3 Hyper Reflectors, the 1200d Pro is accompanied by a rolling lamp case, and reflector carrying case, making transporting the fixture to and from set a breeze.


“I used the Aputure LS 1200d Pro on two projects over the course of a week and it’s a great, versatile light. For both projects we didnt have a generator, so low power draw with high output was important. In the first scenario we used it direct on talent through the 1st floor window, or bounced it into a mirror towards the subject or background. In the second scenario we were shooting 12 stories up in a loft and the 1200d was our workhorse, bouncing it off an 8×8 or using it again with the fresnel for a harder source.” – Eric Koretz, Cinematographer


“…we wanted some sort of backlight a lot of times, and also oriented a lot of scenes to the sun. So in the absence of the sun, the 1200d became the light we’d use for that.” – Bongani Mlambo, Cinematographer – shooting We’re All Going to Die (dir. Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold)


“The 1200D has now replaced all my 1.8k HMIs, I’m never looking back.” – Matt Plaxco, Cinematographer

LS 1200D PRO


SSI (D56)≥73
TM-30 RF (Average)93
TM-30 RG (Average)102
Beam Angle (No Accessories)66°
Beam Angle BM1215 Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Narrow)15°
Beam Angle BM1230 Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Medium)30°
Beam Angle BM1245 Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Wide)45°
F10 Fresnel15° ~ 45°
Lumens126,413 lm
Max Power Output≤1,200W
Max Power Consumption≤1,440W
Max Operating Current15A Max
Operating Voltage (Power Supply)100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Operatin g Voltage (Battery) 3-Pin XLR (48V DC) - Half Output (720W / One Input)Regulated 48V/15A
Operatin g Voltage (Battery) 3-Pin XLR (48V DC) - Full Output (1,440W / Two Inputs)2x Regulated 48V/15A
DC Input2x 48V 3-Pin XLR DC Inputs (720W Each)
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 45°C / -4°F ~ 113°F
Dimming0-100%; Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic, S-Curve
Control MethodsOn-board, Sidus Link App, DMX512, Art-net & sACN via etherCON, LumenRadio CRMX
Wireless Operating Range (Bluetooth)≤80m
Wireless Operating Range (LumenRadio)≤100m
Screen TypeLCD
Firmware UpgradeableUSB (FAT16/FAT32), Sidus Link
Cooling MethodActive Cooling
Head CableLS 1200 Series 7-Pin Weatherproof Head Cable (7.5m)
Max Head Cable Length7.5m
Power CableNeutrik® powerCON TRUE1 TOP AC Cable for LS 1200 Series (6m)*
Accessory MountBowens Mount
Tilt Angle360°
Mounting28mm / 1.125in (Junior Pin)
Carrying CaseTelescoping Handle, Wheels
Estimated LED Lifetime (L70)50,000H
Est. Color Shift Over Lifetime (CCT)2% (6,000H)
Est. Max Flicker-Free FPS2,000 FPS
CertificationsCE, FCC, ROHS, KC, NCC, PSE, BIS
Lamp Head w/o Yoke7.57kg / 16.69lbs
Lamp Head w/ Yoke8.95kg / 19.73lbs
Control Box5.80kg / 12.79lbs
Lightning Clamp670g / 1.48lbs
Reflector Case (Filled)4.15kg / 9.15lbs
Rolling Case (Filled)27.25kg / 60.07lbs
Lamp Head w/o Yoke33.23 x 23.16 x 21.63cm / 13.08 x 9.11 x 8.51in
Lamp Head w/ Yoke33.23 x 33.12 x 54.35cm / 13.08 x 13.03 x 21.40in
Control Box19.99 x 16.10 x 33.60cm / 7.87 x 6.33 x 13.22in
Lightning Clamp10.35 x 8.74 x 12.5cm/ 4.07 x 3.44 x 4.92in
Reflector Case41 x 40 x 40cm / 16.14 x 15.75 x 15.75in
Rolling Case67 x 48 x 48cm / 26.38 x 18.9 x 18.9in
DistanceBare BulbBM1215 Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Narrow)BM1230 Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Medium)BM1245 Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Wide)F10 Fresnel (Flood)F10 Fresnel (Spot)
3M6,380 lux / 598 fc83,100 lux / 7,788 fc22,400 lux / 2,099 fc13,010 lux / 1,364 fc14,470 lux / 1,344 fc32,410 lux / 3,010 fc
5M2,802 lux / 263 fc28,340 lux / 2,656 fc8,200 lux / 769 fc4,800 lux / 635 fc5,590 lux / 519 fc12,090 lux / 1,123 fc
7M1,538 lux / 144 fc15,200 lux / 1,425 fc4,660 lux / 437 fc2,706 lux / 264 fc2,840 lux / 264 fc6,160 lux / 572 fc
9M964 lux / 90 fc8,580 lux / 804 fc2,880 lux / 270 fc1,775 lux / 152 fc1,920 lux / 178 fc3,940 lux / 366 fc