Experience the full projection power of 600W+ light engines. The Spotlight Max is optimized for high-powered Bowens mount point source LED fixtures. When adapting fixtures such as the LS 600d and LS 1200d Pro to projection lights, users can take advantage of much higher output levels compared to the same fixtures paired with the original Spotlight Mount, thanks to improved optics.


Achieve optically precise, high-output projections with minimal distortion. Unlike cheaper projection lens mounts, the Spotlight Max cuts no corners when it comes to its optical design. Featuring telecentric optical elements, high-temperature anti-glare flocking in its lens assembly barrel, and texture treatments to the barrel’s inner walls, the Spotlight Max achieves optical clarity and reduces stray light leaks/reflections.


While dramatically increasing the throw of high-powered Bowens mount LED fixtures, the Spotlight Max grants users the ultimate projection-shaping capability. Cut and shape your output with its internal shutters or optional heavy-duty iris insert.


Using the separately available ETC Lens Adapter, users can pair their existing fleet of ETC lenses with the Spotlight Max to unlock more beam angle options including specialty lenses like 5º and 50º Source Four lenses. Previously only usable with HMI light engines, users can now take advantage of LED technology while using their ETC lenses. These advantages include dimmability, color tunability, and lower operating temperatures.


Easily adjust your gobo orientation using the included Rotatable Gobo Clip, eliminating guesswork and saving precious time on set when reorienting gobo inserts.


We’ve spent hours comparing the Spotlight Max pairs which each of our lights so you don’t have to. View our in-depth light comparisons HERE.


Increase your rigging flexibility by removing the detachable yoke. Users can choose to remove the yoke to use the Spotlight Max more conveniently on large fixtures such as the Electro Storm series lights. Alternatively, the detachable yoke can also increase rigging convenience, allowing users to rig the yoke in an underslung orientation first then coupling it with the Spotlight Max body last.


Spotlight Max
Spotlight Max Yoke
Spotlight Max 19º OR 36º OR 50º Lens (Depending on Kit)
Rotatable Gobo Holder
3x A-Size Gobo
Rolling Hard Case
19º Lens Dimensions
Spotlight Max 19º Lens20.47 x 19.94 x 26.58cm / 8.06 x 7.85 x 10.46in
19º Lens Diameter (Inner)11.9cm / 4.69in
19º Lens Diameter (Outer)12.8cm / 5.04in
19º Lens Kit w/o Yoke48.9 x 25.0 x 25.0cm / 19.3 x 9.8 x 9.8in
19º Lens with Yoke48.9 x 25.0 x 50.1cm / 19.3 x 9.8 x 19.7in
19º Lens Weight
Spotlight Max 19º Lens4.81kg / 10.60lbs
19º Lens Kit12.44kg / 27.43lbs
36º Lens Dimensions
Spotlight Max 36º Lens20.47 x 19.94 x 26.58cm
36º Lens Diameter (Inner)11.9cm / 4.69in
36º Lens Diameter (Outer)8.25cm / 3.25in
36º Lens Kit w/o Yoke48.9 x 25.0 x 25.0cm / 19.3 x 9.8 x 9.8in
36º Lens Kit with Yoke48.9 x 25.0 x 50.1cm / 19.3 x 9.8 x 19.7in
36º Lens Weight
Spotlight Max 36º Lens3.67kg / 8.09lbs
36º Lens Kit11.30kg / 24.91lbs
50º Lens Dimensions
Spotlight Max 50º Lens20.47 x 19.94 x 24.74cm / 8.06 x 7.85 x 9.74in
50º Lens Diameter (Inner)11.7cm / 4.61in
50º Lens (Outer)10.4cm / 4.09in
50º Lens Kit w/o Yoke47.2 x 25.0 x 25.0cm / 18.58 x 9.8 x 9.8in
50º Lens Kit with Yoke47.2 x 25.0 x 50.1cm / 18.58 x 9.8 x 19.7in
50º Lens Weight
Spotlight Max 50º Lens3.92kg / 8.64lbs
50º Lens Kit11.54kg / 25.44lbs
Spotlight Max Iris22.3 x 12.8 x 1.35cm / 8.78 x 5.04 x 0.53lbs
ETC Lens Adapter13.98 x 13.98 x 10.5cm / 5.50 x 5.50 x 4.13in
Size-A Gobos (Individual)100 x 0.5mm / 3.94 x 0.02in
Spotlight Max Iris0.25kg / 0.55lbs
ETC Lens Adapter0.53kg / 1.17lbs
Size-A Gobos (Individual)21.8g / 0.05lbs
*Weight of Spotlight Max + Lens + Lamp Body
LensFixtureWeight (Spotlight Max + Lens + Lamp Body)
19ºLS 600d17.07kg / 27.63lbs
LS 600d Pro16.93kg / 37.32lbs
LS 600x Pro17.71kg / 39.04lbs
LS 600c Pro18.40kg / 40.57lbs
LS 1200d Pro21.55kg / 47.51lbs
36ºLS 600d15.97kg / 35.21lbs
LS 600d Pro15.87kg / 34.99lbs
LS 600x Pro16.61kg / 36.62lbs
LS 600c Pro17.3kg / 38.14lbs
LS 1200d Pro20.45kg / 45.08lbs
50ºLS 600d16.05kg / 35.38lbs
LS 600d Pro15.91kg / 35.08lbs
LS 600x Pro16.69kg / 36.8lbs
LS 600c Pro17.38kg / 38.32lbs
LS 1200d Pro20.53kg / 45.26lbs
Dis.Fixture19º Lens36º Lens50º Lens
3mLS 600d Pro17,776 lux / 1,652 fc5,370 lux / 499 fc2,165 lux / 201 fc
LS 600x Pro8,810 lux / 819 fc2,905 lux / 270 fc1,144 lux / 106 fc
LS 600c Pro4,830 lux / 449 fc1,976 lux / 184 fc876 lux / 81 fc
LS 1200d Pro20,530 lux / 1,908 fc6,970 lux / 648 fc2,990 lux / 278 fc
5mLS 600d Pro6,450 lux /599 fc2,048 lux / 190 fc809 lux / 75 fc
LS 600x Pro3,050 lux / 283 fc1,046 lux / 97 fc435 lux / 40 fc
LS 600c Pro1,773 lux / 165 fc787 lux / 73 fc333 lux / 31 fc
LS 1200d Pro7,700 lux / 716 fc2,640 lux / 245 fc1,183 lux / 110 fc
7mLS 600d Pro3,410 lux / 317 fc1,198 lux / 111 fc433 lux / 40 fc
LS 600x Pro1,675 lux / 156 fc565 lux / 53 fc245 lux / 23 fc
LS 600c Pro914 lux / 85 fc379 lux / 35 fc193 lux / 18 fc
LS 1200d Pro3,900 lux / 362 fc1,380 lux / 128 fc606 lux / 56 fc
Dis.Fixture19º Lens36º Lens50º Lens
3mLS 600x Pro7,580 lux / 704 fc2,379 lux / 221 fc940 lux / 87 fc
LS 600c Pro4,020 lux / 374 fc1,586 lux / 147 fc738 lux / 69 fc
5mLS 600x Pro2,571 lux / 239 fc875 lux / 81 fc363 lux / 34 fc
LS 600c Pro1,435 lux / 133 fc590 lux / 55 fc274 lux / 25 fc
7mLS 600x Pro1,370 lux / 127 fc450 lux / 42 fc185 lux / 17 fc
LS 600c Pro737 lux / 68 fc304 lux / 28 fc150 lux / 14 fc